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From Christian Essl <>
Subject [HiveMind] New service-model hot-replace/shut-down
Date Tue, 30 Sep 2003 11:28:14 GMT
I'd like to suggest a new service-model, which allows to replace and/or 
shut-down a service-implementation at runtime. (The latest refactoring 
makes this much easier).

The model works basicly like the deferred-model (except that it always 
returns the proxy). Initially it is in the deferred state and when the 
first request comes it creates the implementation. Different to the 
deffere-model all metods are sychronized with a acquireRead() read on a 
read-write-lock (reads go unsychnorinzed until some one aquires the write). 
When the user wants to shutdown or replace the implementation, the 
ServiceExtensionPoint aquires the write-lock. Now all current service- 
method-calls can finish and furthers are blocked. Than the proxy just 
switches back to the deffered state and does the clean-up on the service- 
implementation. In case of hot-replace the ServiceExtensionPoint also 
replaces the ServiceImplementationConstructor. Than the write-lock is 
released and if a new call comes in the (new)implementation is created 

I would say the management could happen through a special service at which 
all the hot-replace extension points register.

I think this allows shut-down and replace during run-time and that it is 
totally transparent to the whole application. I'm quite sure there are also 
no threading issues. As I see the only dissadvantage is that it slows down 
the service a bit.

It could be useful for testing and ie togehter with a timer for services 
which are rearly used but consume quite a lot of resources.

If there is any intrest I could try to implement such a service-model.

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