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From Henri Yandell <>
Subject Re: [vote] Move JRCS out of Jakarta
Date Thu, 25 Sep 2003 05:25:59 GMT


I'll assist you in getting things going on publishing JRCS on the site
etc if you want. I'm clueless as to JRCS itself [okay, I bet it's an RCS
implementation of some kind], but I can quite happily change the site to
incorporate it for you and handle build/releases.

That being said, if your gut instinct is to pull the code out into an
environment closer to home I can sympathise. I recently pulled a project
off of sourceforge onto because the SF building scheme is just
so damn painful that I found myself never releasing code.

Options I can think of:

1) Switch JRCS to the Apache incubator. I'm inclined to think this would
be a bad plan.
2) Promote JRCS in Jakarta Commons for a period of time, then decide later
on as to whether to migrate.
3) Migrate to personal server, or somewhere like codehaus/sourceforge. Or
even tigris, who might have an interest.
4) JRCS to Apache Commons. Again, I would think this is a bad plan in your

There are some interesting legalities. When we donate code to Apache, we
obviously are giving ownership of that code over to the ASF. Not a biggy
under a BSD-like licence as we can just fork it. However, we're also
giving over the copyright on the name, so possibly ASF own 'JRCS' as a
name. If you decide to migrate away, we might just have to do a bit of
quick figuring out of an exit strategy for code that is effectively under


On Thu, 25 Sep 2003, [iso-8859-1] Juancarlo Aņez wrote:

> Noel,
> > That should not be hard, actually.  What is the history of how it got
> here,
> > and why it isn't on the web page(s)?
> The project came to Jakarta at Jason's (Maven project) request, when the
> Maven project was evaluating ways for dealing with CVS repositories.
> After a while the Maven group decided to deal with CVS through the
> already-working Ant tasks, and we agreed to move RCS the project to the
> commons.
> The reason why the project isn't visible on the web page is because (despite
> the project having been donated over a year ago) I'm still new to the place,
> and I lack the time to learn the Jakarta way of publishing stuff (if you
> look at my web site, you'll probably find it "spartan", to say the least).
> I'm the kind of guy who will read, try to understand, and implement Eugene
> Myers' differencing algorithm that JRCS has now, but that feels like before
> a brick wall when trying to comply with the Jakarta web site setup.
> That's the story.
> Juanca
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