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From "Brent Worden" <>
Subject RE: [math] Project Maturity?
Date Tue, 16 Sep 2003 05:36:29 GMT
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> From: J.Pietschmann []
> Sent: Monday, September 08, 2003 1:39 PM
> To: Jakarta Commons Developers List
> Subject: Re: [math] Project Maturity?
> I just discovered a bunch of printStackTrace() in BeanTransformer.
> Any ideas how this should be handled in a better way? Throwing
> a MathException?

One of my patches replaced these with logging calls.  I know this doesn't
answer your questions; I just wanted to remove those statements without
changing the current behavior.  I'm more than open to a debate.

> Additions:
> - Find a way to make [math] compile and run under JDK 1.3 again.
>   This mainly consists of deriving the exceptions from [lang]
>   NestableException and adding a GUMP/Maven dependency on [lang].

This is in one of my patches.

> - Make the default root finder run time configurable again. Well,
>   if necessary.

This is in one of my patches.  In now uses commons-discovery.
DiscoveryClass uses, among other things, a system property to determine the
real solver factory.

> - Possibly get rid of RootFinding in favor of moving the
>   functionality to UnivariateRealSolverUtil? Dunno.

This is in one of my patches.  RootFinding is now no more.

> - Rename UnivariateRealSolverUtil to UnivariateRealSolverUtils?

This is in one of my patches.

> - Rename UnivariateRealSolverImpl to UnivariateRealSolverSPI?

Since this in an abstract class.  I would prefer

Brent Worden

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