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From Ted Husted <>
Subject Re: [Chain] ChainServlet first draft
Date Mon, 29 Sep 2003 15:36:45 GMT
Sgarlata Matt wrote:
 >>Attached is a first cut at creating a ChainServlet.  Committers,
 > please feel
 >>free to add this to CVS (you'll need to add the license, version #s,
 >>and change the package declaration), to modify it, or to tell me what
 >>to do to modify it (and I will do so).

Can we change it to look for the catalog as a resource on the classpath, 
instead of under the file root? Since the Catalog is a business layer 
component, it may often be maintained as part of the business classes, 
and may even be distributed in a JAR. [At least mine is :)]

Other than that, I've it up and running now in my application now.

I put it in a package under web/servlet/config. Does that sound reasonable?

I also added a static to the Catalog interface to provide a convenient 
standard for the Catalog attribute name. This will help keep various 
concrete implementations on the same page.


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