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From Harish Krishnaswamy <>
Subject [HiveMind] Basic questions about Service
Date Thu, 25 Sep 2003 01:39:16 GMT
I am a little confused now. I am confused as to what the boundaries of a 
service are. Is there even a distinction between a Service and a domain 
object? I start seeing people actually suck out the behavior of domain 
objects into services and have the domain object as a simple JavaBeans 
data object. I literally saw an example that had an Employee object 
which represented the database table and an EmployeeService which 
represented the behavior for the Employee object. To me this sounds like 
its against the principles of OO (assign the responsibility to the 
information expert). So this leads to a more basic question - what is a 
Service? I think we need a technical definition for Service. I thought 
of the Service as an interface to a subsystem / a specific function. Am 
I missing something?


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