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From "Phil Steitz" <>
Subject [collections] Improving decorators test coverage
Date Sat, 06 Sep 2003 23:33:06 GMT
I am working on decorators tests.  Any comments/gentle redirection on 
the following short term plan would be much appreciated:

1. Add SortedMap-specific tests to TestSortedMap

2. fill out the tests in the decorators test subpackage, adding 
TestLazyList, TestPredicatedBag, etc.following the pattern of the 
existing tests in this subpackage.

3. Move TestPredicatedCollection from the top level to the decorators 
subpackage and remove functional testing of PredicatedCollection in 
TestCollectionUtils, adding tests to cover predicatedCollection() directly.

4. TestBagUtils

Regarding 2., it looks to me like by default the tests in the decorators 
package are not getting executed as part of either the maven or ant 
builds. Am I missing something? I am still grokking the collections test 
framework, so it is quite possible that I am missing something here. Do 
I need to get these executed by reference somehow, or is the standard 
practice to point ant/maven at the TestAll in the subpackage explicitly?


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