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Subject cvs commit: jakarta-commons/pool RELEASE_PLAN_1_1.txt RELEASE_PLAN_2_0.txt
Date Mon, 29 Sep 2003 19:47:29 GMT
dirkv       2003/09/29 12:47:29

  Added:       pool     RELEASE_PLAN_1_1.txt
  Removed:     pool     RELEASE_PLAN_2_0.txt
  change version number to 1.1
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1                  jakarta-commons/pool/RELEASE_PLAN_1_1.txt
  Index: RELEASE_PLAN_1_1.txt
  Release Plan for Pool 1.1
  This document describes a plan for a 1.1 release of the
  Jakarta-Commons Pool component (for the remainder
  of this document, simply "Pool").  Per the
  Jakarta/ASF guidelines
  (, this
  document doesn't mean anything until accepted by the
  relevant committer community via a lazy majority vote
  (hereafter, simply "lazy majority").  Once accepted, it may
  be replaced by an alternative plan, again subject to lazy
  majority approval.
  Non-binding votes (votes cast by those outside the relevant
  committer community) are welcome, but only binding votes
  are significant for decision making purposes.
  The objective of the 1.1 release of Pool is to
  provide a stable and robust release with the intention of 
  providing a stable foundation for the further evolution of 
  the Pool component. 
  Release Manager:
    Dirk Verbeeck
    (assuming no one else is really itching to do it)
  Release Process:
  The Jakarta Commons release process will be followed.
  (All days ending at 23:59:59 GMT in case of dispute.)
  * Preparation Period
    28 September 2003 - 30 September 2003
    During this period, all issues preventing building a
    release candidate should be a addressed. All other 
    updates (documentation and website) are not blocking.
  * Review Period
    1 October 2003 - 24 October 2003
    During the Review Period specific design, functional and
    contract changes to Pool will be considered on the
    Jakarta-Commons mailing list, using the following
     1) Any developer or committer that would like to see
        a specific change (or group of changes) enacted or
        rolled back will suggest it on the Jakarta-Commons
        mailing list (
     2) Any interested committer that opposes a given change
        (or group of changes) is obligated to indicate this
        disapproval on the list during the Review Period.
     3) We will seek, but not strictly require consensus on
        each decision point.  If consensus cannot be reached,
        any committer may call for a vote to resolve the
        issue via a lazy majority vote.
    The Review Period may be extended by one week (at a time)
    given lazy majority approval, in case issues still need
    to be resolved.
  * Implementation Period
    25 October 2003 - 31 October 2003
    (assuming the Review Period is not extended)
    During this period, any remaining implementation, testing
    and documentation will be completed.  No new features
    or "public" interface changes will be considered
    in-scope at this time (short of a lazy-majority
    approved revised release plan or any "showstopper"
    At the end of the Implementation Period, a formal
    release vote will be called, subject to lazy
    A formal release vote may be called before 31 October 2003,
    but after the end of the Review Period, if appropriate.
    (When all remaining issues are resolved)
  * Release Pool 1.1

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