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From "Daniel F. Savarese" <>
Subject Re: [net][patch] Added more robust SocketClient setup/cleanu
Date Sun, 14 Sep 2003 21:32:23 GMT

In message <>, Jason Mathews writes:
>But checking if a socket is null in the close() for example is good 
>practice. Often a programmer will close the Socket, JDBC connection, etc 
>in a finally block whether or not is was or still is connected. The 
>Socket or SocketClient class in this case knows whether it is open and 
>thowing a NullpointerException does not seem right to me.

Okay, so if I understand correctly, you're saying there's a common and
reasonable use case where close() may be called two or more times in
succession.  That's definitely reasonable.  The only thing I would say
then is that we should be consistent and make sure we perform these
safety checks in all of the protocol client classes.  Adding them to
SocketClient and DatagramSocketClient should cover most of them (off
the top of my head I don't know which ones override close(), but they
probably call super.close() anyway).  I'm still iffy on the isOpen and
isConnected checks, but if we're going to go that way I would vote
for throwing an exception.

At any rate, I'm persuaded, so unless anyone else has any concerns, I'll
apply the patch in the next few days (let's say after Wednesday to allow
some time for others to offer their views), except with the change that the
isOpen() check results in the throwing of an exception and I'll also make
sure all of the protocol classes behave similarly.  I think it's okay to
apply these changes right now since they aren't new feature additions.
But if anyone thinks we should hold off and do the 1.1 release first, just
say the word.  I think we've applied all of the pending changes we
agreed to a month or so ago.

Thanks for your contribution(s) Jason!


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