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From Daniel Resare <>
Subject RE: [Daemon] some thoughts on commons-daemon
Date Thu, 18 Sep 2003 19:08:01 GMT
tor 2003-09-18 klockan 16.23 skrev Shapira, Yoav:
> >Why is there no reload() method of the Daemon interface? It seems like
> >sending SIGHUP to jsvc translates to calls to stop() and start(), but
> >that is semantically different from how most programs other programs
> >handle SIGHUP.
> Daemon was conceived as a necessity for tomcat initially.  That's still
> the goal for release 1.0, so it's going to have minimal functionality.
> I'm not familiar enough with daemon contexts and usages to say if a
> reload is generally useful -- after all, you can just stop and then
> start.  However, I wouldn't want to add a reload for the 1.0 release in
> the interest of getting it out the door.  It's an interesting candidate
> for a 1.1 release.

Ok. If I have the time I'll implement it and send you a patch that you
can consider for 1.1 then :)


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