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From Daniel Resare <>
Subject [Daemon] some thoughts on commons-daemon
Date Thu, 18 Sep 2003 13:58:11 GMT
Hello friends

I saw that commons-daemon was promoted out of the sandbox ant I thought
I'd give it a spin. After having spent some time reading the source and
getting the SimpleDaemon to work I have some questions and thoughts.

1) The webpage for commsons-daemon says the issue handling is on a
scarab server, but having logged in there I found no issue category
matching commons-daemon, so I used
instead when filing some issues. Is that the correct thing to do?

2) I can't really say that I fully understand the daemon api.

Why does the Daemon implementor have access to it's DaemonController
instance? My guess is that it is to be able to communicate an exception
from inside of the daemon to its environment, but in that case a single
fail()-method that takes a Throwable or subclass of it would be enough.

Why is there no reload() method of the Daemon interface? It seems like
sending SIGHUP to jsvc translates to calls to stop() and start(), but
that is semantically different from how most programs other programs
handle SIGHUP.

What is the difference between stop() and destroy() in the Daemon

3) Just out of curiosity, what does jsvc stand for?

Thats all for now

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