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From Juancarlo AƱez <>
Subject Re: [vote] Move JRCS out of Jakarta
Date Thu, 25 Sep 2003 05:08:37 GMT

> That should not be hard, actually.  What is the history of how it got
> and why it isn't on the web page(s)?

The project came to Jakarta at Jason's (Maven project) request, when the
Maven project was evaluating ways for dealing with CVS repositories.

After a while the Maven group decided to deal with CVS through the
already-working Ant tasks, and we agreed to move RCS the project to the

The reason why the project isn't visible on the web page is because (despite
the project having been donated over a year ago) I'm still new to the place,
and I lack the time to learn the Jakarta way of publishing stuff (if you
look at my web site, you'll probably find it "spartan", to say the least).

I'm the kind of guy who will read, try to understand, and implement Eugene
Myers' differencing algorithm that JRCS has now, but that feels like before
a brick wall when trying to comply with the Jakarta web site setup.

That's the story.


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