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From Vic Cekvenich <>
Subject Re: [email] Re: commons e-mail
Date Sat, 23 Aug 2003 19:15:29 GMT
The e-mail package, as I look at it, only allows to send.
But to receive, I am having to use commons-net.

Just FYI. It be nice to give it similar simple receiving commands, that 
  could use -net. I could "donate" sample code, if someone wants to send 
me a private e-mail.


Michael Davey wrote:
> Joe Germuska wrote:
>> It seems to be languishing, but I don't think it really needs much 
>> besides active developers.  It could certainly go to the Commons 
>> proper as a beta package, where it might get more visibility and more 
>> people willing to flush out any remaining bugs.
> I'd be happy to help out.  I couldn't find a todo list, just those two 
> open bugs.  It would be great if one of the committers could outline the 
> things needed to get email from here to an initial release.
> I have an in-development feature for Gump that could use this project. I 
> also recently posted an email to this list regarding the supporting 
> classes for the EmailTask in Ant.  Perhaps some of that code could be 
> 'reused' :) .

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