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From Henri Yandell <>
Subject [VOTE] Release of Commons Lang 2.0 [take 2]
Date Fri, 22 Aug 2003 14:55:08 GMT

We've already called a vote on this back in May, but a -1 that wanted us
to include Lang.time caused us to delay and since then we've been dealing
with more minutae.

So, without further ado, I'll repeat my call for a VOTE last May. The
information on what has changed below is largely the same as it was in

The largest change since May not reflected below is a big push on Unit
Tests [thanks to Clover's superb visualisation, we've got about 88%
coverage in Clover] and documentation [thanks to Maven and JDiff].


Our t's are dotted and our i's are crossed, so we'd like to make a
release of Commons Lang 2.0.

[ ] +1   I support Commons Lang 2.0
[ ] +0   Huh? Sure, let me sleep.
[ ] -0   Lang? Sounds bad.
[ ] -1   I hate you guys.

[ contains what I am planning to use
as the build, we will not be using Maven as the site for 2.0, but I
generate it for reference]

What's not going:

lang.functor has been removed from Lang. Collections will gain what it
needs and [Functor] will be looked to for the complete functor-style

lang.reflect is not ready yet.

lang.util.Identifier is not ready yet.

New maven configuration with the aim of moving Lang to a mavenised site.

What's new:

lang.math.* package, which contains Range classes, RandomUtils and a
Fraction class.

In the top level package, we see a series of additions. There are a set of
reusable Exceptions which provide slightly tighter meaning than their
Commons Lang superclasses, IllegalClassException and
NotImplementedException are examples of these. We also see the addition of
more Utils classes:


We also see the addition of

Validate class [akin to JUnit Assert in style] and BitField from the old
Commons Util project [as created by POI].

What's changed:

ToStringBuilder has gained an inner class.
builder.* packages have gained new methods
NumberUtils has a series of constants, LONG_ZERO, LONG_ONE etc.
StringUtils has a series of new methods.
The order in which a nested exception is printed has been reversed and a
static legacy option left to reverse it the other way if desired. This
now matches JDK 1.4 direction.

What's gone:

lang.NumberRange is gone as it has now moved into the math subpackage.

The release:

Following a successful vote, the PMC will be notified of the desire to
release and the instructions at followed to create a
release. A changelog with 'jardiff' will be included and JDiff will be
used to generate a site showing changes [as shown in].


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