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From Henri Yandell <>
Subject RE: [lang] 2.0 left to do
Date Fri, 15 Aug 2003 00:41:06 GMT

Okay, just a bit more effort and maybe we can get this out. Definitely
gets tiring after a while doesn't it :)

On Wed, 13 Aug 2003, Phil Steitz wrote:

> > > 1.1) Steven Caswell []:
> > > "NestableDelegate test cases"
  [not a blocker]

> > >  2) #22172 needs resolving. Timezone bug.

We basically don't know what to do here. Given just a time, would CVS
insert today's date or go with 1-1-1970. A bit hard to test as it appears
that CVS lies here (?). The following don't work:

apachecvs co -D '1 month ago' jakarta-commons/lang/

But this does:

apachecvs co -D '400000 seconds ago' jakarta-commons/lang/

However, this doesn't even parse:

bash-2.05a$ apachecvs co -D '3:00 GMT' jakarta-commons/lang/
cvs [checkout aborted]: Can't parse date/time: 3:00 GMT

I'm +1 to make it today. So if today is currently 5am EST, and it says:
07:00 EST, then it is a time in the future.

> > >  3) Pete Gieser's javadoc patches.
  [not a blocker]

4) Nestable API Doc not accurate. #22393

Looking at JDK 1.2.2, Throwable has extended Exception since then, so hard
to know what the problem this user is having. Any ideas?

And that's it?

Just really decide on 2, and decide if 4 is an acceptable bug?


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