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From Tim O'Brien <>
Subject Re: [codec] Update dependencies.html with Java req, and more.
Date Wed, 06 Aug 2003 22:11:38 GMT
On Wed, 6 Aug 2003, Gary Gregory wrote:

> (1) I would like to suggest that the page
> be updated with
> which version of Java is minimally required. 

This page is automatically generated by Maven.  Although, I'm certain that 
there is a way to turn off this page with some property for the Maven site 
plugin.  ( Also, it seems strange that there is even a dependencies.html 
when there are no dependencies. )  You mentioned in a [lang] email that 
you thought that there were opportunities for [codec] to use [lang].  I 
agree, but I'd also like to get a sense of what others think as well.

The minimally required version of Java should be 1.2; although, I haven't 
validated that of late.  I think we should put this somewhere prominent on 

> (2) It seems that this should be on each common's project dependencies page.

I don't think we're going to enact universal design across all commons
projects in the near future.  I'm not sure how closely all Commons project 
adhere to the 1.2 compatibility requirements, and I suspect that a number 
of them are only compatible with 1.4, etc.  This would be a good idea to 
bring up in commons.

Commons is a diverse group of projects.  I'm seeing about 50-50 with the
standard commons HTML page, and Maven sites.  It would be nice if we could 
get some uniformity, but on the other hand, all I'm interested in is a 
useable product - if HiveMind moved to some custom Tapestry L+F tomorrow, 
I wouldn't mind at all.

> (3) I do not know how to do the above BUT once done or someone tells me the
> version number, I would like to update the build.xml Javadoc invocation in
> order to specify links to Sun's site such that @link tags to JRE classes
> compile properly.

Agreed, I'll make that change ASAP.

> (4) Should we consider releasing the current build as a 1.1.1? 

Absolutely, there is a somewhat critical bug in Base64 that was fixed and 
1.1.1 needs to be released.  The only showstopper is that DoubleMatephone 
does not have a test.   

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