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From "Phil Steitz" <>
Subject Re: [lang] Lang 2.0 release?
Date Thu, 21 Aug 2003 05:19:18 GMT
Gary Gregory wrote:
> I would regenerate with 1.4.2 to get the best Javadoc possible.
> But here is the skinny: With Mozilla 1.5 Alpha, I get messed up rendering
> and with IE 6.0, I get a pretty rendering. So, either IE is really clever or
> this is a Mozilla bug. I just updated today from M 1.4 to 1.5 Alpha and I
> *do* recall seing the same problem with 1.4.

IE is being loose and easy as usual, ignoring unmatched end tags.  Look 
at the HTML source -- it is not well-formed. There are extra </dd>'s 
after the first two names.  The problem is in the HTML generation, which 
works correctly using 1.4.2.


>>>>tags were transformed incorrectly.  Here is the HTML source for the
>>>>author element from the .gz/docs for CharSetUtils (same happens for
>>>>every class that has more than one author):
>>>><dt><b>Author:</b><dd><a href="">Henri
>>>>, Stephen Colebourne</dd>
>>>>, Phil Steitz</dd>
>>>>On Mozilla, at least, this causes extra line breaks.
>>>>When I use the 1.4.2 doclet to generate, I get well-formed HTML:
>>>>   <dd><a href="">Henri Yandell</a>,
>>>>Colebourne, Phil Steitz</dd>
>>>>What JDK did you use to generate the javadoc?  Is this a known
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