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From "Mark R. Diggory" <>
Subject [math] New involvement (was Re: commons-math)
Date Wed, 13 Aug 2003 19:33:33 GMT

Your absolutely welcome to join the commons developers list and post 
this there as well (I've forwarded it.) Others may have strong ideas of 
where to best focus development, they are welcome to "chime in".

In terms of Complex Numbers package, I think we had reached a decision 
not to include it in the initial first release, primarily due to 
unresolved discussion in the group

I suspect we're at a point where we should revaluate what we are going 
to place into the first release. Really, we've come along way. 
Previously, Phil Steitz had been managing the task list in a most 
excellent fashion. Unfortunately, he has personally decided to focus 
onto other projects (although I'd like him to know all his efforts are 
highly appreciated and he is always welcome to step back in when he wants).

With that in mind, we should discuss the goals we need to resolve to get 
to a release point, so much work has been completed to date and we 
should get it out for the benefit of the Commons


Michael Galpin wrote:

> Hello,
>     I am mailing you gentleman with regards to the Jakarta project 
> commons-math. I would like to contribute to this project, and I was 
> hoping for some input on what needs to be done. I noticed that the 
> original proposal mentioned a complex number package and that does not 
> appear to have been implemented yet. That would be a simple thing for me 
> to write, but I did not want to do this if it has already been done (and 
> I just didn't see it in the source) or someone is already working on 
> this. In general, I would appreciate any input on what would be most
>     As you have probably guessed, I am new to the Jakarta project and 
> open-source project in general. Well, new as in this would be the first 
> project that I have contributed to. I have used many open source 
> projects including several Jakarta ones. I apologize if this email is 
> inappropriate or if there is a more appropriate method for me to obtain 
> this information that I am simply ignorant of.
> Regards,
> Michael Galpin

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