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From Dirk Verbeeck <>
Subject [DBCP][Pool] Volunteering to fix some issues / apply patches
Date Sun, 10 Aug 2003 20:16:37 GMT
Hi guys

There are a lot of small issues for DBCP and Pool, simple ones or with 
solution already included.
Lately the committer activity has been low and the issue list is growing.
I have some time and can/want to fix/merge/commit the following issues:

Pool issue:
- 21838 Weird HTML makes the pool example doc hard to read

DBCP issues:
- 16987 race condition in PoolableConnection.close()
=> solution 2: synchronized close() in PoolableConnection

- 19374 Potential for DelegateStatement, DelegateResultSet to be left open
=> reallyClose() { super.close() }

- 21229 ConnectionFactory throws SQLException but implementations don't
=> remove DBCPException (it is a RuntimeException)

- 21273 Memory-leak like behaviour in DBCP due to warnings chained to 
connections in the pool
=> apply suggested fix: add conn.clearWarnings(); in 
passivateObject(Object obj)

- 21418 Example code
=> add Class.forName to example code

- 21458 Statements and connections don't implement equals()/hashCode
=> add methods to Delegating*

- 21748 BasicDataSource.close() throws NPE
=> trivial fix: test not null

- 22078 testOnBorrow fails if setAutoCommit() throws an exception
=> try/catch around activate in borrow method in GenericObjectPool
=> rethrow only when newlyCreated==true

- 22214 Delegating ResultSet causing NPE
=> fixed but no official release yet

- 22229 Foul connection causes livelock of all pool operations
=> remove AbandonedObjectPool and its heavy synchronized methods

There are only 2 issues that may require a vote/discussion.
- remove DBCPException (issue 21229)
- remove AbandonedConfig, AbandonedObjectPool, AbandonedTrace (issue 22229)

Im working on a event based replacement to trace abandoned pool objects 
and maybe even something to cleanup them.

Anyway, can I start or is a vote needed?
I'm already committer to jakarta-commons and have some paches ready for 

Best Regards

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