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From Anton Tagunov <>
Subject [DBCP] in JNDI (was: Problem setting properties in JNDI environment)
Date Sun, 03 Aug 2003 06:20:16 GMT
Hello Dutta!

dctci> I am trying to bound DBCP with a JNDI implementation.
dctci> I am not able to set properties of CPDS and Jdcb2PoolDataSource
dctci> by using jndi environment variables.

dctci> Is there any wrapper class is there that reads JNDI properties and
dctci> sets to the CPDS and Jdcb2PoolDataSource ??

Since nobody has taken this up I will probably try
to do what I can :-)

1) I still own John Mc'Nally my reasonings

   (sorry, for my huge delays,
   I'll probably look at JCA and
   if both we and Tomcat could benefit from
   it with our pools, and also at the way
   Tomcat implements JNDI handling - still
   pending on my list)

   but I would say that it is at least
   * simpler (hope John will agree to this)
   * and safer (John won't agree I think :-)
   to use BasicDataSource, not Jdbc2PollDataSource

2) Dutta, probably if you did put [DBCP] in the Subject:
   line you would have received all the help you need
   right the next day you have posted (the traffic is
   huge and people do the filtering on subject)

3) My personal impression is that the JNDI handling
   for DBCP is written mostly for Tomcat.

   But we _all_ are interested in making it as widely
   usable as possible. I believe your use case can
   help us.

   What is your environment? JNDI impl. and so on?

WBR, Anton

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