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From Tim O'Brien <>
Subject RE: [codec] To do for 1.1.1 (or how about 1.2?)
Date Thu, 14 Aug 2003 03:12:35 GMT
Gary, Bugzilla is a painful way to manage task lists, but I'm giving it
a try.  This isn't "command and control" software development so feel
free to reject the assignment of the urldecode and urlencode methods -
I'll happily make that change if you don't have the bandwidth (it is a
small one...).

Our target date is the week end - Friday.  By then we should complete
the items in the list - I'll focus on documentation in the meantime. 
Then let's target sometime next week to ask for a release vote pending
tests.   So, feature freeze at where we are, and let's call our target
release 1.2.

I'd call it 1.1.1, but we've added some functionality - calling it 1.1.1
would be somewhat misleading.  I take full responsibility for not
following 1.1 up with a 1.1.1 when I should have.


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