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From "Leo Sutic" <>
Subject RE: Release Process for Sandbox Projects
Date Fri, 22 Aug 2003 12:55:49 GMT

> From: Stephen Colebourne [] 
> As a warning, my concerns would be the speed of passage 
> through the sandbox. You need to think if you have a 
> community to maintain this in commons proper, and whether 
> people have had enough time to review it.

My understanding was that I needed to go to commons proper
before even sending out an alpha release. This put me in
a bit of a catch-22: I need some kind of release in order
to hope to build a community, but I need a community
before I can do a release.

Since Henri set me straight on that one - only the non-alpha,
this-is-the-big-one release requires that the project is
"viable" in terms of community support and so on.

So I figure this: Unless I have a community, there's no point
in making a non-alpha, non-beta release. So I'll go for
an alpha release and see if I get some kind of community
around it. If I do, then the move to commons proper shouldn't
be a problem. If not, then it's a codebase with no users and
should be killed off to make space.


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