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From "Norm Deane" <>
Subject [beanutils][collections] Transformer, Predicate, and Closure Implementation
Date Thu, 21 Aug 2003 17:45:33 GMT
I recently implemented a Closure, Transformer, and Predicate which make
use of PropertyUtils to provide some useful functionality when dealing
with Collections of beans.  I wanted to offer them up as a candidate for
the BeanUtils package and/or get some feedback from the list.  

--> BeanPropertyValueChangeClosure is an implementation of
Closure</code> that updates a specified property on the object provided
with a specified value.  

--> BeanPropertyValueEqualsPredicate is an implementation of Predicate
that evaluates a property value on the object provided against a
specified value and returns true if equal; false otherwise.

--> BeanToPropertyValueTransformer is an implementation of Transformer
that transforms the object provided by returning the value of a
specified property of the object. 



Norm Deane
MIS Consultant
Vanderbilt University
(615) 322-7855 

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