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From "Rob Oxspring" <>
Subject Re: [cli] 2.0 status?
Date Wed, 06 Aug 2003 22:46:05 GMT

At the moment there are two competing proposals for CLI2.

John Keyes has a branch in CVS (cli_1_x) that tidies up the current code to be much more consistent.
 There hasn't been much talk about this since I stuck my oar in with some alternative ideas.
 There may have been more work in the meantime but I haven't been checking commit messages
lately so my comments re Johns work may be outdated.

I have an alternative proposal that is more radical and, I think, much more flexible.  This
is stored in my own subversion repo that I'll make available once I have authentication set

Neither proposal can be considered more than alpha at the moment and binary compatability
remains an afterthought for now.  Once one or other of the proposals stabilise I expect we'll
investigate the pros and cons and take things from there.  I wouldn't expect betas until late
september at the earliest.

Hope that helps,


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From: "Gary Gregory" <>
To: "'Jakarta Commons Developers List'" <>
Sent: Wednesday, August 06, 2003 9:48 PM
Subject: [cli] 2.0 status?

> Hello,
> What is the status on an alpha, beta, or release for 2.0?
> FYI, I am starting to use cli-1.0 in a new area of our product. 
> Thanks
> Gary

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