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From "Stephen Colebourne" <>
Subject Re: [collections] Code generation was: Re: [collections] contribute?
Date Thu, 21 Aug 2003 23:24:32 GMT
At work I use Velocity to generate the java classes which then get checked
into the CVS. The main trick in my case was to allow the generated java
files to be read in again by the generator next time around, so manually
added methods weren't lost.

Code generation will work well for generating primitive Maps as there are so
many possible combinations. However, before anyone starts, it would be good
to search the web as I'm sure someone has probably already done this. They
may be persuedable to donate the code/generator to Apache.


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From: "J.Pietschmann" <>
> __matthewHawthorne wrote:
> > There are many times that I've wished I had found a nice way to
> > autogenerate things while creating a bunch of redundant primitive
> > methods.
> There are half a zillion methods for generating code, starting
> with Bash/Sed/Perl hacks, leading to dedicated macro languages
> like the C preprocessor and m4, continuing with a variety of web
> templating languages like PHP, there's XSLT and finally high
> level stuff like lex/yacc, ANTLR and all the other grammar
> generators.
> The recurrent problems:
> - Need dedicated Ant tasks (Make was a bit easier here)
> - IDEs rarely handle them well
> - Tracking compile and runtime errors caused by generated code
>    to the ultimate source isn't well supported and often painful
> I personally use ad-hoc generators mainly to bootstrap code, once
> the bulk of the code is stable, I abandon them.
> J.Pietschmann
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