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From "Danny Angus" <>
Subject RE: [DBCP] AbandonedTrace - Connection Recovery
Date Tue, 22 Jul 2003 09:03:14 GMT

> 1. Remove existing abandoned recovery attempt code.
> 2. Log when connections are abandoned and do not add them back into the
> pool.
> 3. Optionally log stack trace of where abandoned connection was first
> grabbed.
> 4. Provide some kind of extensible connection object that could allow
> someone to add their own (possibly included but optional) way to recover
> abandoned connections.

I agree with your proposal, although I don't think I have a vote here.

wrt point 4 I would suggest you consider allowing users to attach a
listener/listeners to the pool and propogate the following events:

	- allow users to add a handler to test and
	possibly replace connections as they leave the pool
	- allow users to add a handler to test and
	discard (reallyClose()) connections returning to the pool
	- allow users to add a handler to test and reallyClose() or
	replace connections idle in the pool beyond a confiigured idle timeout.
	- allow users to add a handler to reclaim connections
	allocated but idle beyond a configured idle timeout.


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