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From "Mark R. Diggory" <>
Subject [math] Status
Date Thu, 31 Jul 2003 14:03:20 GMT

I just got back from a vacation and expect I'll start trying to review 
and clear up some of the javadoc, checkstyle and documentation issues 
for the statistics portion of the package. I'm going to start to attempt 
to flesh out some usage examples in xdoc for Univariates and 

I also had some ideas on expanding the "UnivariateStatistic" so that we 
have a generic "Statistic" interface. This interface could be extended 
on to build "BivariateStatistic", "MultivariateStatistic", and 
"NonparametricStatistic" Interfaces. What are others thoughts on this idea?

    |     |
    |     |-Mean,
    |     |-Var, etc
    |     |
    |     |-StudentsT
    |     |-ChiSquare
    |     |-BivariateRegression
    |     |-AnalysisOfVariance
    |     |
    |     |-MultivariateRegression
    |     |-AnalysisOfCoVariance
    |     |-MultiwayAnalysisOfVariance
          |-FriedmansTest (Twoway Nonparametric ANOVA)

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