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From "Mark R. Diggory" <>
Subject Re: [math] Re: cvs commit: "apply(Functor x)" strategy
Date Tue, 15 Jul 2003 15:39:11 GMT
Yes, JUnit tests passed on my machine, if others do encounter problems, 
let me know and I'll debug further.

Al, there is no lost of efficiency (in fact theres a minor improvement). 
The previous path of action on calculating any statistic in 
AbstractUnivariate was basically like the following:

      return variance.evaluate(

protected double[] internalValues() {
     return storage == null ? null : storage.getValues();

protected int start() {
     return storage.start();

protected int size() {
     return storage.getNumElements();

where these methods were used to expose the internal double[] of data 
(if possible) or generate a double[] of data in the case of 
ListUnivariateImpl and BeanListUnivariateImpl. The above example was 
what existed in UnivariateImpl and basically ends up delegating to the 
"storage" DoubleArray methods. So this equates to about 7 method calls 
(1*evaluate, 2*internalValues, 2*start, 2*size).

The using the "applicable" strategy we get the following path of action 

      return this.apply(variance);

public double apply(UnivariateStatistic stat) {
        return stat.evaluate(

which is more direct and only equates to about 4 method calls for the 
same process to occur (1*evaluate, 1*getValues, 1*start, 1*size).. Not 
that this is really a significant improvement, but its just added 
benefit on top of the following:

(1) It frees up the implementation not to have to expose its internal 
storage to apply a statistic against it.

(2) If you write your own "UnivariateStatistic" you can easily apply it 
against the same contents as the internally defined stats (mean,var,...).

I'd like to propose we add the apply method to the Univariate Interface, 
or create a generic Interface called "Applicable" that Univariate can 
extend to allow the User to see the apply method from the Univariate 


Al Chou wrote:
> --- wrote:
>>mdiggory    2003/07/14 20:45:10
>>  Modified:    math/src/java/org/apache/commons/math/stat
>>  Log:
>>  Application of "apply(Functor x)" strategy (thank you Al Chou) for
>>evaluating UnivariateStatistics against the internal storage collection
>>without exposing the collection or its bounds.
> Mark,
> I assume all the existing unit tests passed.  I don't think you mentioned
> performance testing in your last message.  I'm curious what effect the
> "applyable" strategy has on efficiency.
> Al
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