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From "Mark R. Diggory" <>
Subject Re: New commons subproject vs. Configuration project
Date Tue, 15 Jul 2003 12:58:24 GMT
Wow, I've always wanted a JNDI SPI for XML files! I imagined one day
using JXPath as the base for the search/getAttributes/lookup in such a
way as to have the XML content be very open and unrestricted and the
search filter syntax would be XPath.

/* an XmlContext is a DirContext over XML files */
javax.naming.xml.XmlContext ctx = new
javax.naming.xml.XmlContext(Hashtable env);

Element e = (Element)ctx.lookup("/foo/bar[2]");

Attributes atts = ctx.getAttributes("/foo/bar");

NamingEnumeration enum ="/foo","[bar/@bam =

    Element e = (Element);

I imagined it would also be used to write attributes, elements to create
new "subcontexts". Imagine, a fully read/writable Configuration
framework... :-)

ctx.modifyAttributes("/foo/bar", attrs);
ctx.createSubContext("/foo/bar", "bam");

I've been hoping for a way to supply a XML Configuration based
replacement for our current JNDI based distributed config which uses
LDAP servers.

Henri's right, there is room in the commons for multiple
implementations. I think this really promotes a path of
development where really good alternate approaches can exist.
Coevolution can often result in better adaptations to an environmental 


Henri Yandell wrote:
> On Tue, 15 Jul 2003, Matthijs Wensveen wrote:
>>Our idea was to keep configuration information as centralized as
>>possible. While it is possible to use multiple configuration files,
>>users are encouraged to use only one configuration file.
>>Another difference is that our configurator was meant to look a bit like
>>a JNDI, no matter if there is a real JNDI on the background or just an
>>XML file containing data.
> Sounds like my simple-jndi a bit. Although I wrote it to see DataSources
> outside of containers, I've mainly used it as a configurator.
>>I think that our configuration system is very useful for the open source
>>community, but I don't know if  there is place for two different
>>configuration systems in the Jakarta Commons project.
>>Maybe it's possible to use each others ideas.
>>If anyone is interested, I can provide full source, examples,
>>documentation and javadocs, or just some extra info.
> There are no rules at Apache about having to be only one project supplying
> an implementation. I'd move onto supplying extra info if I were you.
> Either push up a simple web-site somewhere, or a just a page detailing
> some examples if you have to worry about legal issues until you've
> broached things with your company.
> Finding a way to work with configuration component is probably the best
> way [and something I need to do with simple-jndi too] as it stops your
> codebase being treated as a new project and having to slowly incubate its
> way into Apache.
> Hen
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