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From "Phil Steitz" <>
Subject [math] discrete distributions
Date Sun, 06 Jul 2003 02:31:58 GMT
I have started work extending the distribution framework to accomodate 
discrete probablity distributions so that we can provide binomial, 
hypergeometric and poisson probabilities and I want to get others' (esp. 
Brent's) opinions on the following plan:

1. Add DiscreteDistribution and AbstractDiscreteDistribution similar to
    the continuous case, but with DiscreteDistribution defining methods
    appropriate for the discrete case -- e.g p(X = x), p(X <= x),
    p(X < x), p(a <= X < b), inf{x: P(X < x) > c} etc.

2. Define discrete distribution interfaces and implementations for
    binomial, hypergeometric and poisson distributions.

3. Extend DistributionFactory, DistributionFactoryImpl to create
    discrete distribution instances by just adding factory methods for

Step 3. is where I need confirmation.  One could argue that we should 
split off a separate DiscreteDistributionFactory. Thoughts?


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