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From Herve Quiroz <>
Subject [configuration] CompositeConfiguration and NullPointerException
Date Tue, 29 Jul 2003 16:16:52 GMT

I've been experiencing problems while using
CompositeConfiguration.getKeys() method. Indeed, as nothing prevents you
from adding a null Configuration, you're then thrown a
NullPointerException (line 149) when it comes to null.getKeys().

I would have submited a patch myself but I can't build anything right now
from the CVS (several errors occur during unit tests and I'm too busy on
my project right now to dig into the test logs).

I think addConfiguration() should throw a NullPointerException on its own
(as its a RuntimeException it won't change existing application code) so
the problem get solved easily.

BTW, nice work with this class, it is just the kind of thing I was missing
in commons-configuration.



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