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From Phil Steitz <>
Subject Re: 1. Interfaces shold be stable 2. How to do one-pass computations? (was : [math] Recent commits to stat, util packages)
Date Mon, 07 Jul 2003 15:48:47 GMT

--- Anton Tagunov <> wrote:
> Hello, Phil and All the [math] Developers!
> 1.
> PS> Univariate can always be extended -- statistics can be added to the base
> PS> interface...
> Oh, no.. I feel terribly sorry to break in, but this is
> probably going to cause us users some troubles..

That is a good point.  I would expect all interfaces to stabilize prior to
release.  I should have qualified the statement.

> In fact, extending an interface in a released (and also unreleased
> but already adopted by users) project is an extremely painful action.
> It breaks all user implementations of that interface.

Agreed.  Good point.
> AFAIK jakarta-commons strives hard to avoid doing that even if
> extending an interface would give significant benefits.
> Please, can you use a design that keeps interfaces stable?

I see no reason that this cannot be done.  


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