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Subject Re: [math] abstact nonsense was Re: [math][functor] More Design Concerns
Date Thu, 03 Jul 2003 15:21:22 GMT
> > 3)
> > 
> > BTW, probably does the future introduction of Generics (Java 1.5)
> > promise any opportunities to work with primitive values and yet
> > have no code duplication (a bit like STL)?
> > 
> I've not spent much time looking at Generics yet. I have allot to
> learn 
> in this area.

According to the JSR:
== begin quote ==
It is explicitly not required that the system 
b) Support the use of primitive types as type arguments: While
allowing the use of primitive types (e.g., int, boolean) as type
arguments would be nice, it should not be a goal of the design. The
separation of primitive and reference types is a fundamental property
of the Java programming language.
== end quote ==

So, it appears generics are no panacea.  At least not in the Java

Here's the entire JSR:

Brent Worden

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