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From Anton Tagunov <>
Subject Re[6]: DBCP status?
Date Tue, 01 Jul 2003 07:52:37 GMT
Hello Juozas!

0) Preamble
AT> * after a connection has been grabbed but not released,
AT>   for say 10 minutes

AT> forcibly return the real connection to the pool
JB> Sorry, it is a crap and needs no discussions.
Agreed, Serge's note that the connection may be for instance
in mid-transaction has especially convinced me it's crap.

AT> * forcibly close the underlying real connection
AT> * emulate a database server timeout for that connection by
AT>   throwing an exception on any further client's call on
AT>   the wrapping connection obtained from the pool

JB> "throwing an exception" ... needs no synchronization

err.. it does. If the eviction thread finds that a connection
has been borrowed too long then it should set up a flag on this
connection signalling that the next time a client invokes an
operation on this connection he will get an exception.
But to make sure that client's thread sees this flag we need

JB> I understand it and  I see meaning in the last option only
JB> "throwing an exception"

What's your opinion about forcibly closing the connection
at all? Might make sense if the license really limits the
number of open connections. But I feel somewhat doubtful
about this...

JB> I will be very happy if nobody will  add more workarounds to DBCP.
Just digging to the bottom of where we could get if we chose one
way or other.


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