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From John McNally <>
Subject Re: [DBCP] AbandonedTrace - Connection Recovery
Date Wed, 23 Jul 2003 18:54:59 GMT
> Using a weak reference for pooled connections which are in use is a good idea
> and I am all for it.
> The only problem is that there is no guarantee when the weak referenced
> db connection pool object will be GC'd.  That is highly dependent upon
> how the JVM implements GC.  There is no guarantee that this would prevent
> abandoned connections from causing the pool to be exhausted.

I had a case like this just a week ago, where an object that should have
been closed when its use was done, because it was maintaining internally
an open Connection.  The bug never presented itself in our dev
environments because the memory was low enough that gc was closing the
object.  Thankfully the test environments are more similar to production
and the increased memory on those boxes caught the oversight.

john mcnally

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