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Subject Re: [Digester] Please help....
Date Thu, 19 Jun 2003 18:05:24 GMT

lots a differnet ways you could do it... I would suggest creating 2

1. OrderCollection
2. Order

then get some Digester Rules like this....

Digester digester = new Digester();
OrderCollection ordercollection = new OrderCollection();

//lets push the instance of ordercollection before we parse anything

//now lets add some rules to the digester instance.

//when we come across an <order> tag lets create a new instance of the
order class
digester.addObjectCreate("/order", "Order", "ClassName");

//now that the order class is the top most class instance on the stack lets
match some order
//attributes to some methods on the order for example, something
like this.

//we come across the <order><account> pattern lets call the setAccountID
method in our order class
digester.addCallMethod("/order/account", "setAccountID", 0);  // 0 meaning
no additional params for this method

//same thing for symbol lets call a method to set that when we come across
digester.addCallMethod("/order/symbol/", "setSymbol", 0);

//then when we come across the </order> tag, lets pop the order class
instance and add that to the order collection class

//this will take the entire order instance, call a method on the order
collection and pass the order object as a param to that
digester.addSetNext("/order", "addOrder");

//now lets parse the xml file and get an instance of the ordercollection we
pushed onto the stack

OrderCollection populatedcollection = (OrderCollection)

Hope that helps!
- Duncan

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