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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: DBCP status?
Date Tue, 24 Jun 2003 01:06:05 GMT
> > existing apache committers have traditionally had few problems about
> > elected committers here so access shouldn't really be a problem.

> Noel, forgive my ignorance but are you an existing committer?  I'll
> nominate you to the commons based on Robert's apparent faith in you  ;-).

No worries.  :-)  There are, after all, close to 700 of us now.  What I do
if I don't know is log in and use finger.  Serge, Martin Poeschl and I are
all Committers.

> I took a crack at fixing DBCP [and] decided it was in such bad
> shape that we (Struts) should just drop it.  If other people
> are willing to fix and support it, I'm +1 on moving to db-commons.

> I would really like to see DBCP be a production quality connection
> pooling package so I'm really glad some more people are willing to
> take care of it.

Are you still willing to pitch in and help (or kibbitz), now that you've got

> Here is my wish list for DBCP in no particular order:

I'm keeping a copy of your message for future reference.

	--- Noel

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