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From "David Graham" <>
Subject Re: [Validator] Re: Validator patch
Date Thu, 05 Jun 2003 14:51:48 GMT
The ValidateExample class is to show people how to use the validator in a 
standalone app outside of Struts.  The JUnit tests ensure that everything 
works.  So, ideally both places should be updated when a new feature is 
added (although the test cases take priority).


>The patch came w/ a mod to the example which demonstrates it working, and
>after the patch all existing tests passed (there have been several
>modifications to the Validator tree in Jakarta CVS since the patch, I
>haven't syched and run the tests again -- I cannot for the life of me
>imagine it breaking anything, but I believe there's this expression
>"famous last words..."). I can try to find time to code a JUnit test, but
>we're pretty jammed up for time on the project I'm on.
>Thanks for the response, BTW.
>"David Graham" <>
>06/05/2003 10:26 AM
>         To:
>         cc:
>         Subject:        Re: Validator patch
>You should send notes like this to with the
>project name in the subject line (ie. [validator]).  I did look at this
>you submitted and think it's a good idea.  What I'd really like to see is
>JUnit test case (or just another test method on an existing test case)
>proves this works.  Once there's a test case for it, I'll commit it ASAP.
>Thanks for the patches/ideas,
> >Hi Dave.
> >
> >I sent the following note to David Winterfeldt and Craig McClanahan
> >already (they are listed as the project maintainers), but I haven't had
> >any comment or response, so I just thought I'd forward it on to you. I
> >know you guys are busy trying to get various releases out. If you get a
> >chance, I'd like your feedback.
> >
> >
> >Hi,
> >
> >There's pressure on me from management to get as many of my local changes
> >to OSS projects folded back into the main tree so that our project will
> >remain compatible w/ future releases of those projects.
> >
> >I submitted the following bug/patch on 5/27 :
> >
> >
> >It's pretty trivial, but it hasn't been assigned or even commented on. I
> >know there's a lot of refactoring of Validator going on right now, that
> >you're pushing for a 1.1 release soon, and that it has only been a week
> >since I submitted the patch.
> >
> >However, I just thought I'd give a gentle prod to ask if the patch could
> >at least be reviewed and commented on, and if possible either a) applied
> >or b) given an estimate of when it might be accepted or if it won't, why.
> >I know that struts depends on Validator, but I believe my changes
> >source and binary backward compatibility.
> >
> >Thanks,
> >Dave
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