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From "Rood, Simon" <>
Subject Messenger simple Transactions
Date Wed, 11 Jun 2003 11:09:33 GMT

Hoping that someone can help me with the following:

I have been using Messenger MDO's successfully against both OpenJMS and
MQSeries under Solaris.

However on both implementations I cannot get the simple transaction
mechanism ( rollback()/commit() ) to work.  

In the Messenger.xml I am setting the attribute of the jndi

I then run a test where several messages are passed to a Queue ( supported
by the relevant QueueConnectionFactory ).  In my MDO I have
messenger.commit(), then a forced exception  which leads to a

I was expecting to see some of the messages committed ( and gone from the Q
) then some others, ie at rollback, still present, or even redelivered in a
loop.  However, all messages seem to be processed once.  Then on restarting
Tomcat ( my container for the MDO's ) the messages are ALL redelivered
again.  I then have to explicitly purge them from either Q mechanism.

I couldn't get CLIENT_ACKNOWLEDGE to work either, but that's not so

Thanks, in advance, for any help.


Simon Rood.

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