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From Anton Tagunov <>
Subject Re[2]: Nightly builds?
Date Mon, 30 Jun 2003 08:54:27 GMT
Hello Craig!

CRM> I haven't been able
CRM> to re-establish my SSH based automatic authentication so that uploading to
CRM> the website can happen without requiring a login.  Has anyone else had
CRM> that issue on icarus (a.k.a

Me too, but maybe I'm lameristic :)
In fact I use windows port of SSH (by Gorden Chaffee,
with windows port of cvs. CVS and ssh work fine but I fail to do scp.
But I have been failing this for a long time already. Maybe the reason
is that with scp I did not find a way to specify my
username (atagunov), while my login name here at Win2K is different.

So, I do not think I have tremendously helped you, sorry :-)

- Anton

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