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Subject Re: [lang][collections][functor] Functors move
Date Mon, 09 Jun 2003 14:28:36 GMT
The functors have been one of the most discussed and fought about pieces of code in commons.

View A is that they should reside in [lang] and [collections] should depend on [lang].

View B is that each commons component should be independent if possible, and that these are
primarily [collections] influenced functors.

I fought for option A for a long time, but a realistic position needed to prevail and option
B won out.

As far as your problem goes, the Factory classes are exactly the same in [collections] as
were in [lang].

One problem with having them in [lang] was that these classes were not a full functor implementation.
That can be found in [functor]. There may be a case for additional factory-like behaviour
in [lang] at some point, but I don't want to duplicate the [collections] code.


>  from:    "Christian (SerpentMage)" <>
> At 23:26 14/05/2003  0100, you wrote:
> >With the upcoming 2.0 [lang] release, I have been considering whether the
> >[lang] functor subpackage is still valid for release, especially given
> >[functor]. I have come to the conclusion that it is not.
> While I can understand what you are doing here.  There is something that I 
> wonder about.
> What happens to the factory methods?  The reason I ask is because I 
> actually wrote about this in upcoming book.  I am now finishing this 
> book.  I looked in the new functor package and there are no factory methods 
> persay.
> Can we get the factory methods back?
> Thanks
> Christian Gross
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