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From "Phil Steitz" <>
Subject [math] Proposed outline for the User Guide
Date Fri, 27 Jun 2003 20:04:15 GMT
I have taken a stab at an outline for the User Guide.  I have started 
writing the first three sections (overview, statistics and data 
generation).  The structure more or less follows the package structure 
and the intent is to focus on how to do things rather than how the code 
is organized.  The one potentially controversial point is the inclusion 
of "statistical computation utilities" in the "Utilities" section, since 
there will be some duplication (poetic justice - he he) with the section 
on statistics.  I will submit the xdocs for this and sections 0, 1 and 2 
if there are no objections to the structure.

Table of Contents

     * 0. Overview
           o 0.1 About the User Guide
           o 0.2 What's in commons-math
           o 0.3 How commons-math is organized
           o 0.4 How interface contracts are specified in commons-math 
           o 0.5 Dependencies
     * 1. Statistics
           o 1.1 Overview
           o 1.2 Univariate statistics
           o 1.3 Frequency distributions
           o 1.4 Bivariate regression
           o 1.5 Statistical tests
           o 1.6 Distribution framework
     * 2. Data Generation
           o 2.1 Overview
           o 2.2 Random numbers
           o 2.3 Random Strings
           o 2.4 Random permutations, combinations, sampling
           o 2.5 Generating data "like" an input file
     * 3. Linear Algebra
           o 3.1 Overview
           o 3.2 Real matrices
           o 3.3 Solving linear systems
     * 4. Numerical Analysis
           o 4.1 Overview
           o 4.2 Root-finding
           o 4.3 Interpolation
     * 5. Special Functions
           o 5.1 Overview
           o 5.2 Gamma functions
           o 5.3 Beta funtions
     * 6. Utilities
           o 6.1 Overview
           o 6.2 Double array utilities
           o 6.3 Continued Fractions
           o 6.4 binomial coefficients, factorials and other common math 
           o 6.5 statistical computation utiliities


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