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From Ryan Hoegg <>
Subject Re: [SURVEY] Commons-csv or not?
Date Thu, 26 Jun 2003 15:57:38 GMT
Looks great.  Actually, Cocoon has a CSVGenerator now that turns CSV 
files into XML SAX events.  Perhaps factoring stuff out of there is 
appropriate if we want to create an independent effort here.

The other formats you mentioned interest me greatly, especially EDIFACT.

Ryan Hoegg
ISIS Networks

Simon Kitching wrote:

>Hmm .. an "import-stuff-into-xml" project? Interesting...
>I have in fact written exactly this for my current employer, for a
>(continuously expanding) series of formats. We then apply stylesheets to
>the results, for various purposes.
>I doubt I could contribute any code, but can definitely confirm that I
>would have used such a library if it had existed about a year ago when I
>started (and had been sufficiently flexible/complete)!
>I could also contribute a collection of weird and wonderful formats as
>invented by our clients :-)
>Here's a few possible formats in addition to csv:
>* ASN.1
>* windows .ini files
>* java .properties files
>* apache-httpd .conf format :-)
>And here's some potential "competitors", which also import data into xml
>* Microsoft Biztalk
>* IBM Websphere Business Integration
>Note that I'm not pushing for or against the existence of this project.
>Just had some thoughts to toss into the discussion....

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