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From Jandalf <>
Subject Re: [SURVEY] Commons-URI or not?
Date Thu, 26 Jun 2003 05:06:03 GMT
The Guidelines of the commons charter has some guidance here:

   1. The primary unit of reuse and release is the package.
   2. The package library is not a framework but a collection of
      components designed to be used independently.
   3. Each package must have a clearly defined purpose, scope, and API
      -- Do one thing well, and keep your contracts.
   4. ...

HttpClient is generally concerned with URLs but URIs are useful beyond 
HttpClient.  URIs are well documented with relevent RFCs.  I think that 
a seperate RFC conforming URI package would be an excellent addition to 

A project of this nature should copy the current code from httpclient 
and start a sandbox project.  Development should continue there untill 
development has been proven and a formal commons project proposal can be 

Likely the developers would want to seek HttpClient as a key user of the 
new package, but this does not mandate that HttpClient will use the new 
package.  Nor does it require that a jar dependancy be added (re-use can 
be achieved in multiple ways) but the new codebase could be re-used in 
other ways if that was deemed preferable.

I would support having a seperate URI package.  From my perspective the 
possible benefits are clear and the possible drawbacks are avoidable.


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