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From Ryan Hoegg <>
Subject Re: _Commons-Attributes_(sandbox)_and_Jon_Tirsén.
Date Sun, 08 Jun 2003 14:48:19 GMT
I have e-mailed briefly with Mark Pollack of  
It seems some work needs to be done to support JSR175 for both 
commons-attributes and attrib4j.  The main difference Jon and Mark have 
so far is the Attribute interface, where Mark would rather not have 
String properties for Name and Value.

One interesting thing about attrib4j is that it stores its attributes in 
the class file instead of a separate properties file.  I think that 
since the attribute storage mechanism is already abstracted in the 
current commons-attributes through the DefaultAttributeFinder and 
DefaultAttributeCompiler, it would make sense to agree on a common 
interface and create multiple implementations.

I am currently a committer on  Can I help?

Ryan Hoegg
ISIS Networks

Paul Hammant wrote:

>Well I volunteer to help this get promoted out of sandbox.  I've done work on it before
>with James Strachan - which he never committed - grumble grumble ;)
>Jon, that sound good to you ?
>- Paul
> --- robert burrell donkin <> wrote: > i'm
against nominating
>committers for work on sandbox components.
>>(apache committers should just be able to request karma and then check 
>>with the current committers that it's ok to join the fun.)
>>if jon is an existing apache committer then he needs to post a request to 
>>the pmc cc'ing commons-dev giving some brief indications of his plans. we 
>>should then be able to sort out karma with infrastructure.
>>IMHO if jon is not then the best solution would be for an existing apache 
>>committer to volunteer (yourself, maybe) to lead an effort to push 
>>attributes forward to a stage where it's ready for promotion to the common 
>>BTW are there any copyright issues associated with the Nanning code?
>>- robert
>>On Sunday, June 8, 2003, at 11:33 AM, Paul Hammant wrote:
>>>Jon has been working on attributes inside Nanning's CVS. The code we have 
>>>(which is really) good
>>>is an earlier fork of that.  Is there any way we can get Jon commit provs 
>>>here?  The version in
>>>Nanning is much more advanced than the version he donated to us earlier.
>>>If we can get some consensus, I think a vote may be a good idea.  Surely 
>>>he must qualify on the
>>>multi-month patch donator principle?
>>>- Paul
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