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From <>
Subject Re: [PATH]FileUpload fix for filename for msiexplorer
Date Sat, 28 Jun 2003 18:49:18 GMT
You are absolutely right. For example, you can create a valid filename
test\\.jsp on Linux and then this simplistic implementation will save only
.jsp portion of the filename.
I was mostly concerned with discussion on the need of bothering with the
reimplementation of the method thus functionality of the FileUpload
component than actually giving a solid solution to how to do it. Thank you
for your valuable feedback.

> Umm...unfortunately you can't really do that - \\ is a completely valid
> character in filenames on other types of filesystems - so it's probably
> still better to leave it up to the developer to determine what to do
> with  the file.
> Regards,
> Will Stranathan
>>From: maciek <>
>>Reply-To: "Jakarta Commons Developers List"
>>Subject: [PATH]FileUpload fix for filename for msiexplorer
>>Date: 28 Jun 2003 13:46:31 -0400
>>Method getName() in class when used with
>>msiexplorer 5/6 returns a filename with the whole client's filesystem
>> path which creates a problem when you want to save the file on a
>>server's filesystem. I have chanaged the implementation of the
>> getName() method to strip the path information from the filename.Below
>> is my proposed implementation for getName() method:
>>public String getName()
>>     {
>>          if(fileName.lastIndexOf("\\") != -1){
>>               return fileName.substring(fileName.lastIndexOf("\\") +
>> 1);
>>          }else{
>>               return fileName;
>>          }
>>     }
>>I have attached the fileName_fix_forMSIE.txt patch file.
>>I have rebuild the entire source code to create a new jar and tested it
>> with Tomcat and Resin. It works now with MSIE. A simple call to
>>item.getName() returns only filename where item is of type FileItem.
>>I think that it would be a better idea to change the implementation of
>> the method without breaking of the FileUpload component interface than
>> letting web developers to take care of the problem inside a jsp file. I
>> think users of the component should use the method transparently
>> without worrying about the possible problem with MSIE with the
>> guarantee that ONLY filename will be returned from getName() method.
>>Maciej Brodala
>><< fileName_fix_forMSIE.txt >>
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