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From Gary Gregory <>
Subject RE: [SURVEY] Commons-csv or not?
Date Wed, 25 Jun 2003 20:23:09 GMT
You can also use JDBC with a CSV driver. 

A quick google shows:, which is read-only,
but a start. If you want to write to the file as well, why not enhance this
existing driver instead of reinventing the wheel? I can only imagine that a
non-JDBC approach, while lighter-weight (depending on the driver), could
lead to the following scenarion: The CSV code is used, then another format
is supported, and refactoring after refactoring leads to the creation to a
JDBC clone. Obviously, which kind of CSV support to use is a personal or
company choice made on a case by case basis. I just wanted to point out the
JDBC POV at the risk of pointing out the obvious.

If you are bound to Windows, you can use the JDBC:ODBC bridge and use ODBC's
CSV driver which is fairly full features from what I remember.

Please consider this constructive criticism and not a "why would you ever
want to do THAT?" post ;-)



At 1:33 PM -0400 6/25/03, Henri Yandell wrote:
>I've also got this style of code in my GenJavaCore library 
>[], so am happy 
>to donate etc into it.
>Would it be best placed as a Csv project, as a part of Poi, as a part 
>of Codec or as a part of IO?
>In my version, I went with the Reader/Writer metaphor, and more in the 
>way of interface methods.

A CSV project seems a bit too narrowly focused.  I have some 
potentially complementary code that produces objects from lines in a 
delimited (or fixed-length) data file, using beanutils to populate 
the objects.  It could use a bit more work, but I'd help fit it in 
with some other project if one started up.

I guess I'd think it belongs in IO, of all the choices Henri 
suggested.  In a sense you could associate it with Digester, but 
that's probably not really the best place for it.


Joe Germuska       
"If nature worked that way, the universe would crash all the time." 
	--Jaron Lanier

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