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From John M <>
Subject [sql] [patch]
Date Fri, 27 Jun 2003 19:18:40 GMT
Quite a while back I made extensive changes to the sql
project to allow for schema-diffs and alter-sql
generation so that we could bring an existing database
up-to-date to match the current schema.  The maven/ant
task allows you to generate the whole create sql or do
a diff against a current database and optionally run
the ddl.  I added support in  JdbcModelReader for
reading indexes so those could be diffed, too.  

I see that patches were submitted for generating the
ddl with Jelly, but my changes were made before this
and I have not done anything with those templates to
support alter ddl.

BTW, I use this with OJB and create the schema xml
directly from the OJB repository via xsl.  My init
routine reads the schema and performs the alter
statements to the db so changes I make in
development/testing are instantly available without
fuss.  Maybe not appropriate for all production
environments, but very handy.

The patch and all new files can be found here:

John Marshall

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