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From Al Chou <>
Subject Re: [math] Tasks remaining for initial release
Date Mon, 23 Jun 2003 06:19:00 GMT
--- Phil Steitz <> wrote:

> * RealMatrixImpl is missing one method implementation -- getRank(). The 
> most accurate way to implement this would be to add Singular Value 
> Decomposition and use this to compute effective numerical rank. If 
> someone wants to volunteer to do this, we can leave this in; otherwise I 
> suggest dropping the rank computation from the interface.

+1 for dropping the rank computation.  I'd guess most users won't miss it.

> * Rootfinding framework.  We need to get this rectified or just decide 
> to stay with the simple solution in place now. My vote would be to 
> rectify J's framework.

+1 for rectifying the Pietschmann framework.

> * Interpolation.  Al is working on cubic spline interpolation. Right?


> * Continued work on javadoc, checkstyle, and test coverage.  We need to 
> look at test data coverage as well as path coverage.  In some cases, we 
> have good path coverage, but we have not tested all of the data boundary 
> conditions.


> * Additional performance and accuracy testing. If anyone is interested 
> in helping out here, what we could really use is a wider selection of 
> test cases for the core numerical functions and validation against 
> either other packages (e.g. R for the statistical stuff), verified 
> datasets, or experiments comparing implementions using floats to doubles.
> * Additional code review. I am planning to review the current state of 
> all of the code to verify that the code matches the documentation and to 
> identify obvious inefficiencies or numerical problems.  It would be a 
> good idea for others to do the same. All feedback/suggestions for 
> improvement are welcome -- especially if accompanied by patches :-)

+1 for both the above.  I suspect we may be in a test-and-fix phase for a while
once we enter it.


Albert Davidson Chou

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