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From Tetsuya Kitahata <>
Subject Re: [math] Commons Proper
Date Fri, 06 Jun 2003 14:26:56 GMT

On Fri, 06 Jun 2003 09:18:47 -0400
(Subject: [math] Commons Proper (was: Re: [VOTE] New Commiter Phil Steitz))
"Mark R. Diggory" <> wrote:

> I suspect this would be the path to be taken in the near future.

Yeah, sooner or later things will all come right , I believe.
Furthermore, (this is just my premonition in good meanings)
I think [math]-developers' ml will be seperated from the commons-dev,
like commons-httpclient-dev in the near future.

> I think we are getting close, Robert is right, "patience", we will get 
> there. But, being mathematicians tend to be perfectionists, I'm not sure 
> all of us feel [math] is ready for Commons proper just yet. I'm sure 
> others have varying opinions on the matter. 

O.K. Hope to be promoted soon. 
(before the half of the commons-dev subscribers would be fed up with
 [math], [math], [math] ... mails  ;-)

> All good statisticians recognize variability exists in all populations
> ;-)

I majored in Law in my college days, so I am not a statistician maybe ;-),
but what you said is very understandable.

Statistics will show that the developers, engineers are tend to
be interested and have much concerns in mathematical issues, 
in general ;-) .. 
# Therefore, this means that the [math] projects will attracts engineers
# and developers more.

Hope to continue to produce good products and to hurry up preparing
the release.



Tetsuya Kitahata --  Terra-International, Inc.
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