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From Anton Tagunov <>
Subject Re: Logging packaging questions
Date Mon, 30 Jun 2003 10:39:46 GMT
Hello Nicolas!

NM> 2. we'd like the build-in backends split from the main jar so we can
NM> made them optional and allow people not to install them if they already
NM> have log4j or a 1.4 jvm.

Lurker's opinion :)

I want to say I like your ideas very much.

war-s are great too, but putting _all_ into the main server classpath,
be it Tomcat or JBoss generally works too; I used to work in this
style.. And if it was a bit more manageable (what your project is
struggling for) it would be just fine.

I guess problems will come if part of the jars are in WEB-INF/lib
and part on the main classpath, but if you put all on the classpath
it will generally work, I believe.

And yes, I've heard that you simlink to WEB-INF-s too.

Now, did I get it right that _despite_ jakarta-logging will be shipped
as a single jar all your stuff _will_ work okay since jakarta-logging
will detect what is available on the classpath and what is not?


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